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All boot purses (click link) are one of a kind. They are made from real boots and have the same design on the front as on the back, but only the front is embellished with crystals and the large concho which is interchangeable with a design that fits you style. On the back of each purse is a quarter size concho with a silver cross on it and the RKR Brand. Each purse is designed and handmade by Gina in Texas. Gina also does custom orders, if you have your own boots, maybe your dad's or grandpa's boots, and would like to have them made into a purse, contact Gina for pricing.

The hair on hide (click link) purses are all original designs and are patented.
They are made from real cowhide, leather and can be custom made to fit your needs. If there is a size that fits your needs let us know, also if there is a particular concho you like, specific cross, or anything else you would like to add to your purse to make it a one of a kind to fit your style, we welcome it. As you will notice we also do custom brands on the hair on hide purses. Please contact us with your stylish desires.

There is no design to big or small for us. Contact us today to have us make a custom purse (click link) for you.

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